My interests are focused on trying to define and understand the tectonic processes related to the Cordilleran type margins, by deciphering the sedimentary evolution of presently deformed Mesozoic and Cenozoic basins. A specific theme I have focussed on in the last years is the provenance of sandstones. It has been successfully demonstrated that sandstones composition and provenance are particularly sensible to tectonic changes, as well as climatic variations and type of relief. In this way, a sedimentary basin can be regarded as an ancient open book containing informations about the geologic evolution of a specific geographic area. Deciphering this book is the topic of my research. I attempt to decode the stratigraphic record using standard and new techniques of the sedimentary petrology. In particular, I use dense minerals and U-Pb laser ablation geochronology on detrital zircons to understand the provenance of sandstones, and partly constrain their age of deposition. Since the sedimentary basins I usually work with are slightly to highly tectonized, qualitative structural geology is a necessary and complementary tool that permits the restoration of the basin architecture.